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    God Dazhdbog. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

    Among the gifts were people Svarog and his sons - Svarozhich. The first of these Dazhdbog - god of the sun, giver of light and heat. His name can be heard in the most concise, endures to this day, to pray: "Give me, O God."

    The ancient Slavs believed the sun, lightning and fire - two celestial Flame and the earthly one - brothers, sons of Heaven and Earth. His idol was standing on the hill in Kiev. Our ancestors believed that Dazhbog favors weddings, the groom met at dawn on the day of the wedding. Dazhbog locks and unlocks the winter summer.

    Dazhbog - Dab, Radegast, Radigosh, Svarozhich - are different variations of the name of the same God. God of fertility and sunlight, life-giving force. Ancestor Slavs (Slavs referred to as "The Song of Igor's Campaign" - dazhdbozhii grandchildren).

    Probably Dazhdbog could follow white Sventovitom, correlated with Apollo as the god of sunlight. In sermons against paganism among the other gods mentioned next to Artemis.

    Dazhdbog day - Sunday, his metal - gold, his stone - a ruby. The celebration may have on the day-Rodion Ledoloma. The largest religious center located on lands Svarozhich lyutichey-General has repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt again - was ruined in 953 Otto I, in 1068 - Saxon Bishop Burkhardt II and was finally burned Germans in the years 1147-1150 during the crusade against the pagans Bavarian Duke Henry the Lion. Lyutichey bronze images of gods and ritual objects from Retrinskogo temple was found in the land of the village Prilvits in the late 17th century. Figures covered Slavic Runes. On lands Vyatichi in honor of the god-Svarozhich also named the settlement. Radegast name would sound as Radigosh here. Radogosch - in his role two claim settlement - either Pogar Sudost River (a tributary of the Desna) Trubchevsk west and north of Novgorod Seversky sites, or Radogosh Nerussa River, north of Sevsk and west of Crom.

    Sacred animal Dazhdbog - Radegast says lion (like the Persian sun god - Mithra) Svarozhich portrayed either with a lion's head, or riding in a chariot drawn by lions.

    Note that the root of the "happy" meant the Slavs sunlight, hence the "Rainbow" - a solar arc. The same "solar" root word "joy, radast" - that is a given ray (cf. Lat. Radio) Sun.

    Hence the name Radegast, Radogosh consist of three words: Glad - solar, "yes," to ", similar to Dagbogom, Dazhdbogom can designate gifts, gift," Gast "," gosh "semantically close to the word" guest. "In other words, These names may mean: "guest who gives the sun and the sun," or messenger of the gods, who brought the power of light and the sun as a gift. In this case, the West Slavic and East Slavic Dazhbog Radegast are different names for the same god - Svarozhich. Frenzel says him as "De Radegastos. Marte Soraborumque altero supremo Deo "- Radegast in Serbo-Lusatian pantheon fogura no less significant than even the Sventovit. Svarozhich symbols are not only regal lions and boars (Boar - it is also the embodiment of the Indian Vishnu and Scandinavian Frey.) One of the attributes is the sword, and later ax and spear and possibly red flag: "In this and agree Svarozhich devil and the leader of the saints, your and our Mauritius? Those who come uplifts sacred spear, and those who are evil human blood stains banners?" Bird Radegast - cock, heralding the arrival of the sun to its cry. On idol venedskimi runes wrote the name of God could have been, and solar symbolism.

    Head idol put on a sunrise or the south-east, so that it can monitor its progress. Dazhdbog called Savior, even the Savior, but not in the sense of saving the lost sheep of Israel, but in the sense of military - defense. Because Apple (August 19) and honey Day (August 14) - days of celebration Svarozhich. Yarily it with honor and George Winter (December 9).