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  • Gerasimos day rookery - March 17

    Gerasimos day rookery

    This holiday in Russia coincided with the arrival of rooks, and therefore got its popular name - day Gerasim-rookery. People say, "Rook on the mountain - and the spring in the yard," "Saw rook - Spring Meet." From the behavior of the rooks on this day was judged on the nature of the spring: "If rooks right on the old nest fly - Spring will be friendly, hollow water run off all at once."

    If rooks arrive before March 17, it was considered a bad omen predicting lean and hungry year. To hasten the heat, the day Gerasim baked rye sour dough birds - "Rook."

    Of the day there is another belief: "Gerasim-rook rookery will return to Russia, and from the holy Russia expel fagot."

    Dummy - a type of houses from ancient beliefs. It was represented as a dwarf or a small woman. If it is depicted as a woman, then her head was small, with a thimble, and the body as thin as a straw. Her appearance was ugly clothes - grubby and untidy. If portrayed as a dwarf, make sure the eyes of different colors, one for the evil eye, the other for leprosy. Less often in the form of dummy representing a girl with a long braid, naked or in a shirt.

    In the old days it was thought that if the dummy appeared on the eyes, you should expect trouble in the house. It was a harbinger of the death of any of the family members.

    Fagot did not like and tried to get rid of them by any means, it was extremely difficult. Just in time for Gerasim-day believe that they became quiet and inoffensive, and then they could be driven out of the house. On other days, people are protected from frights with prayers and amulets.

    The best guard from frights that she did not take the house served as the "chicken god" - a stone with a natural hole, created by nature. Also used the neck of a broken jug with a piece of red cloth, which hung over the chicken roost to dummy not torment birds.

    Afraid dummy juniper twigs that were hanging around the house, especially carefully protecting the salt shaker that night she did not wake up salt, which in the old days was very expensive. If a crash dummy plagued dishes, then had her CHANGE water infused with ferns.

    Be sure the house had to find a doll or an object with which sent against dummy for a family. This subject should carefully take out of the house and throw it away, and it is best to burn. So far, there is a sign that if a person wants to harm another, then leaves his house charmed object, and to remove damage, you need to get rid of the item.

    According to popular belief, if the house with a broom to sweep the floors of wormwood, the evil spirit will not start, including a dummy. At the core beliefs - related to wormwood as one of the wards. The people believed that the sharp smell of the herb repels evil spirits and evil people.