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  • First Oseniny - September 14

    Harvest festival

    In the agricultural calendar day Slavs called "oseninami" or "ospozhinkami" and celebrated as a harvest festival. On this day, give thanks Mother Earth.

    In early September, the harvest was completed, which was to ensure the welfare of the family for the next year. In addition, the meeting noted the fall update of fire: old fire extinguished and ignited a new one that was mined flint strikes.

    With "osenin 'main economic activity was transferred from the field in the garden or in the house: you start picking vegetables (primarily harvested onions). Usually in Oseniny entertainment was arranged, to which the whole family. For holiday brewed beer and slaughtered sheep (ram). New crop of flour baked pie. Praised Mother cheese-ground for what bore bread and other supplies.

    As from that day began collecting hop on the holiday festivities sang appropriate play songs:

    Veysya we hop Perevi
    On our side,
    As our great expanse on the sidelines!
    A expanse - the big guys are rich!
    That the men - the rich, the stone chambers!
    That the stone house, the doors of gold,
    Domes that cast!

    Second Oseniny celebrated on September 21, they coincide with the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Third Oseniny accounted for 27 September.