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  • Fire Volha day - September 14

    Fire Volha day

    Fire Volh - God of War by the ancient Slavs, the guardian of Erie garden husband Lely. He was born of communication Indrik-beast and the Mother of damp earth. There was Volha dual nature: he is a descendant through Indrik Great Black Snake, the lord of the dark forces, and his mother - Mother Earth Cheese, it is always associated concepts of the underworld, in the myths and legends of different nations, it certainly produces monsters.

    When Volh grew up, he killed his father Indrik-beast, having inherited from his power over the forces of darkness, and then wanted to conquer and the heavenly kingdom, the entire universe. In Volha this' better than even the Black Snake, which eluded Svarog Semargl. Young god was not only strength, but also cunning.

    Turning Falcon (by the way, Finist Clear falcon - the young hero of Russian fairy tales - a type of the Volkhov. And according to some sources, mentioned in the stories gray wolf - the same character), he entered the heavenly garden and peck like golden apples - taste them once received immortality and world domination. But by chance, he heard singing in the garden of Erie Lola, and heard this song it and forgot about everything.

    Then the first time I saw Volh as Lola "in the heavenly garden of pace, golden curls and shakes weaves a wreath of roses and singing a song ... sad." And Volh forgot his desire to capture the universe, which would inevitably lead to the death of the world. He became a secret lover Lely.

    But could be a spouse Volh Lely, for he belonged to the underground world, and was to be hostile to the forces of Light. Learning that Lelia at night visiting guest, her sister (alive and Marena) istykali needles window through which flew Falcon-Volkhov. Volh arrived, wounded wings, and therefore had to return to Pekelnoe kingdom.

    Then Lola left the kingdom of heaven, for many years she was looking Volkhov. Lola also found him, only when the "break in three pairs of iron shoes, broken three iron staves and chewed three stone bread." When Lola was barefoot on sharp stones, she injures her legs, and the drops of blood of the goddess of love was born rose. Lelia Volha found and freed him from the power of the underworld. Enemy of the celestial world, the formidable and power-hungry hero Love was turned into his main defender. The war changed the world.