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    Perun is not without reason the chief deity of the pagan pantheon of the Eastern Slavs. He is considered the patron saint of soldiers and heroes and praise in the days of victory and sacrifice, wanting to achieve military success. Just Perun subject to the elements of nature, and some areas of people's lives.

    God Perun - is, above all, the god of thunder, thunder, as it is closely connected with the cult of fire in addition to water, wood and stone. He is considered the founder of the heavenly fire, which descends to earth, gives life. With the onset of spring warmth he fertilizes the earth by rain and displays bright sun behind the clouds. Thanks to his efforts the world every time as if reborn.

    People believe that Perun, walking through the white light, willingly takes the form of a bull Forest Tours, so the bull is sacred to Perun. Its flower is blue iris (six purple-blue petals, thundering sign).

    Sanctuary of Perun arranged in the open. They are in the shape of a flower: in those sanctuaries that were excavated by archaeologists, "petals" are usually eight, but in ancient times, according to scientists, there were six. "Petals" were the pits in which sacred fires burning inextinguishable. Placed in the middle of a sculpture of Perun. Before the image of God placed the altar, usually in the form of a stone ring. There are added offerings and sacrificial blood shed, most animals, but in ancient times and sacrificed slaves captured in military campaigns.