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    According to legends ancient, Asp - is a monstrous winged serpent, which is the bird's nose and two trunk, his motley wings and burn-glitter like gems. According to some legends, however, the monster impenetrable black. Hence the term "slate-black." In which region got into the habit fly Aspid, the places devastated. He lives in rocky mountains, and other tales - in a dark, bleak, wooded north, and the land never sets: only a stone. It can not kill an arrow, you can only burn ...

    Asp reminds dragon of Russian fairy tales, and the basilisk - a monstrous serpent that kills at a glance, and echidna - maiden zmeegolovuyu, which, in the ancient tradition, the birth of Heracles Artoksaya, Lipoksai and Koloksaya - the three founders of the Scythian tribes, and thus partly ancestors of the Slavs.

    Slavic myths

    Once passed through the land of Slavic terrible rumor flies from the dark, cold northern countries winged snake asp, and no mercy from her neither old nor small: who does not ukogtit claws, beak of sklyuet and who poison is not poison, to fire burn. Slavic leaders gathered and started thinking how izbyt trouble. Decided to put up a mighty army, but the magician-obayannik, who was invited to the council, just shook his head:
    - What a fiery snake leather or wooden boards? They are only good against arrows, and will burn like firewood. No, there is need to come up with something more cunning. Give me three days and three nights, and if no solution is found, bring me up Czernebog. No way, an adder in the us, he sent down, maybe it will pacify my death.

    Thought obayannik three days and three nights, had sought advice from the gods. Silent gods. No one believed that it is possible to escape from the Asp! The priests at the temple is a black eye on knives began, the blood shed in the name of Chernobog. But here comes obayannik to the leaders and said:
    - Convene all blacksmiths and give them the order to forge ten copper pipes and a hundred of iron tongs. And let me in aid of the strongest athletes and skilled trumpeters. Opened my good gods three secrets, and indicated how to escape from Asp.

    Ordered obayannik dig on the outskirts of villages deep and wide hole, smear its loam and covered with heavy stones. At the bottom of the iron tub spread fire, and among the logs left a small hole. And the wise men from the strong men and trumpeters helpers got into this hole and hid.
    And shook the earth, crouched to the ground of the forest - flies Aspid. Catching sight of the village in the distance, published Aspid joyful spike, when suddenly ... Suddenly out of the ground loudly sounded deafening pipe.

    And the first secret which the gods opened obayanniku, was: Asp afraid only the voice tube. And here he is losing every mind and ready to do anything to destroy the trumpeters and make pipe silenced. Aspid sensed that the sound comes out of the pit, logs laid down, sat on them and stick your head in the well opening. And from there, the hot forceps popped out - and clutching his neck, legs, wings. Some curling cool - assistants obayannika heating up more. And again and again ... This was the second mystery, which was opened by the magician good gods: Aspid will never sit on the bare ground - just a stone. The third secret: a monster that does not destroy the other way than to burn.

    And so it happened. Since then, more than Asp never worried Slavic lands!