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  • Dazhdbog day - May 6

    Dazhdbog day

    Dazhdbog - Dab, Radegast, Radigosh, Svarozhich - two different versions of the name of the same God. God of fertility and sunlight, life-giving force. He is considered the ancestors of the Slavs (Slavs in the text, "The Lay of Igor's Campaign" - dazhdbozhii grandchildren).

    The Slavic tradition, alive with Dazhdbog and revive the world after the Flood. Frets, mother alive, united by marriage and live Dazhdbog. Then the gods gave birth to Aria betrothed, according to legend, the progenitor of many Slavic nations - Czechs, Croats, Kiev glades.

    Worshiped on this day and Yarylo (Sun), the face of Dazhdbog, the rebirth of nature. God Yar often compared to a plowman and a warrior Arieh, son Dazhdbog. Arius was revered like Yar, the embodiment of Rod (in other interpretations - Veles or Dazhdbog).

    The day Dazhdbog people rejoiced that Dazhdbog rejected Marin and became engaged to Live. This meant the end of a long winter, the beginning of Spring and Summer. At this time in the Vedic temples and plowed fields loudly praised Dazhdbog.

    "Glory Dazhdbog. May he be our protector and defender of Christmas Carols and Christmas Carols to! And patron of the fruit in the fields. He gives our cattle grass every day. And the cows are multiplied, and multiplied by the grain in the barn. And honey, it does not ferment. He is the god of light. Praise the Svarozhich, renounces Winter and current to oblivion. And we honor him sing in the fields, because it - our father. "

    Dazhdbog day - this is the first grazing on pastures. Because Dazhdbog burning lights and asked him to guard the beast:

    You Dazhdbog brave!
    Save the animals, guarding it from pohitchikov!
    Protection from Dire Bear,
    Preserve and the ravenous wolves!

    It was believed that on this day God Velez stole Perun clouds, cows, and imprisoned them in the Caucasus Mountains. Because Yar Dazhdbog Perun and asked to rescue the clouds, or all life on earth will perish. Praise this day victory over Dozhdboga VĂ©lez.