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    Day Stribog

    August 21 Stribog (ancient Russian Stribog) - in East Slavic mythology, the god of wind, born from the breath of Roda. His name goes back to the ancient roots of "Strega", which means "big", "paternal uncle." Such a value is found in "The Song of Igor's Campaign", where the winds are called "stribozhimi grandchildren."

    Slavs celebrate day Stribog August 21.

    Being a master of wind Stribog can cause or stop a storm front, or any other phenomenon associated with the wind. Stribog with Perun commands as thunder and lightning. They - brothers.

    Stribog lives in Okiyane-sea on the island of Buyan and creates 77 daily winds that blows in all directions. Winds of those rivers are dry and crush the dark forests. Also in the name of the ancient texts Stribog always combined with the name Dazhbog.

    Winds, especially those that cause tornadoes, always mysterious phenomenon, and somewhat frightening. Slavs implored tornadoes, called for help Perun, throwing them knives, stones and beaten with sticks. All the winds, calm you, whether strong, gentle whether - they are all children and grandchildren Stribog. Names are whistling, Siverko, Podaga, Poludennik and night owls.

    On the other hand, the concept of wind Slavs known as the soul (spirit). Victims usually flaps, ribbons, cereals, grains, flour, cereal, bread, scattering pieces of the wind in the field, and begging for his desire of harvest winds.