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  • Day Skipera Snake (Snake Day) - June 22

    Skipera Snake

    After the birth of the god Perun came to Earth Russian Skiper-Snake. He buried the baby in a deep cellar Perun and carried in Nav his sisters live, Maren and Lelia - goddess of life, death and love.

    That is not in the dust sprayed,
    No mists rising from the sea,
    Then to the east of land, with high mountains
    Run out the herd beast
    What an animal herd - oily.
    Ahead fled fierce Skiper-beast!
    "Perun Veda"

    Then the god Perun released gods Velez, Horse and Stribog, and he will win Skipera-beast. And these days, when the Russian land is Skiper-beast with his army, many see the wandering ghosts, signs of death and misfortune. Suddenly appear in the margin mouse and wolf pack gang, flew clouds of crows. If incline your ear to the ground, then hear the mother of damp earth groans. And the other is seen that for winter wheat field fire ranges.

    Nav is particularly strong, and because in Russia these days waiting for invasions. In history there are confirmations: The War of 1812 (June 19), and the Great Patriotic War of 1941 (June 22) started the day near Skipera Snake.

    Tales of Perun and Skipere sung on this day the Magi in the Vedic temples and urged the faithful to rivers and lakes perform sacred ablution, to make an atonement of their sins.

    In Orthodoxy, this day is celebrated as the day of Isaac, in the national calendar - day snake weddings. It is believed that at this time the snake crawled and go by train to snake wedding. In many communities still have the "accursed place," so-called "snake hill."