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  • Day Santa Claus and Snow Maiden - January 30

    Day Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

    These days usually tell stories of Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden. How Maiden at the whim of the goddess of love and human love Lelia because with the arrival of spring did not fly to the North. But as soon as "bright ray of sun cuts through the morning mist and falls to Snow White," it melts.

    On this day, the Slavs worshiped enemy of Perun - Frost - Person of Veles. We can say that Frost - Winter hypostasis Veles, as well as HP (son of Veles and Divas) - Spring.

    Frost was married to the Snow Queen, the daughter of Mary and Koschei. In Frost and the Snow Queen was beautiful daughter - Maiden.

    Day Santa Claus and Snow Maiden was a symbolic end of the winter, after it was already broad and generous Shrovetide.