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  • Day kidnapping - January 12

    Day kidnapping

    On this day, remember how, in the era of Kupala Velez stole diva-Dodola, wife of Perun. During the wedding of Perun and Diva Diva Velez was rejected and ousted from the sky. However, then he, the god of the passion of love, managed to seduce the goddess of storms, daughter Dyje. Their communication was born god Yarylo spring.

    Also in the day of the abduction recall how, in the era Lada Koschey stole Give-God (the God of summer and happiness), his wife Maren. Of communication and Koschei madder then the Snow Queen was born, and many demon.

    Give-God immediately went in search of his wife. He will be looking for her all winter, and because frost will become stronger, and blizzards zametut all around.

    On this day, the sacred stone revered Kresen Alatyr (or two stones God and Bozhihu: stones Veles and Yasuni - Storm Yagi).