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  • Day Kashchei Chernobog - February 29

    Day Kashchei Chernobog

    This day is the evil deity honored Slavic pantheon - we know more on children's fairy tales, or Kashchei Chernobog (Black Snake Koschey) - Lord of the Navi, Darkness and Pekelnogo kingdom. God is cold, destruction, death, evil, God is the embodiment of all the madness and poor and black. Slavs divide the world into two parts: good and evil, or the friendly and hostile to man. Each of them represents a god. Hostile embodies Chernobog.

    Day Kashchei Chernobog

    Kashchei depicted as a humanoid idol, painted black with silver mustache. He offered sacrifices before the most important cases, for example, before he took the military campaign. Often bloody sacrifices and human, kill captives, slaves and horses.

    Old Church on the customs, at midnight of February 29 to March 1 in his hand solemnly crush raw egg - so Kascheyu whose death is traditionally hidden in the egg, comes to an end, and as Kashchei symbolizes winter, it ends at the same time and winter. Pagans say that if you crush the egg, which carried the chicken for Christmas, in March of frost will be gone.

    "Kaschey on neither glances - all fades." "Kaschey for cattle - cattle dies, Kashchei on the grass - the grass is dry."

    "Let every Slav and in Life remembers Death, and Life in Death sees. For life and death - a form of existence, the two poles of a magnet, which do not exist separately from each other in nature. "