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  • Day goddess Makosh - October 25

    Day goddess Makosh - October 25

    Makos - the goddess of marriage and childbirth, it is run by a craft as spinning. In Slavic paganism Makos is the Patroness of the feminine, the protector of women and girls. Since ancient times, it asked for an easy delivery and healthy children.

    The ancient Slavs Mokos was considered a day of remembrance Friday. After the adoption of Christianity by the fifth day of the week - Friday - was associated with the holy women. Some sources claim that the cult originated Mokos 40-30 thousand years ago.

    Makoshin metal - silver, stone - rock crystal and so-called "moon rock." Mokos beast - a cat. The symbol of this goddess is the yarn ball of wool, a spindle, and brought them to the temple (from the old. Kap - image, idol, religious building in the eastern Slavs the pre-Christian period).

    Idols Mokos could be made of the "female wood" in the first place - aspen. Idol Mokos often could also be horned or have in hand a cornucopia. Mokos servants - spiders, therefore is considered a good omen if a person arrives web. Also associated with Makosh ward-rope, tied to the right wrist.

    On this day, women are strictly forbidden to spin cloth, wash and bathe and wash the children. It was thought that Makos can severely punish violating prohibitions - didst send disease, tear sheet or snarl on the spindle.

    Another feature of the festival: drive dvuhkoltsevoy dance. One ring (outer) deosil twists - to life, and the other is twisted widdershins - to death. Means approaching winter. From that day, being more winter work: spinning, weaving, sewing, embroidery.

    In the west, around the same time celebrate Halloween, when people dress up in a "mask" to scare away evil spirits. Halloween has common roots with the celebration of the Slavs.