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  • Candlemas - February 15


    Candlemas is the boundary between the winter and spring, making the very name of the holiday in the common attribute of the Presentation of the meeting winter and spring: at Candlemas winter with spring met, to meet the sun in the summer, winter frost on the turn.

    Commoners from western edge of Candlemas candles on celebration of the Presentation have a custom setting fire to each other cross hair, considering it very helpful for headaches.

    In the agricultural way of life as the Feast of the Presentation of weather villagers judge comes spring and summer, especially the weather, crop. On spring judged as follows:

    What is the weather on Candlemas Day, so will be spring.
    If Candlemas Day be set to thaw - a warm early spring, if the cold wrapped - Cold Spring;
    fallen snow on this day - the long and wet spring.
    If Candlemas on the road is snow - late spring and cold.
    It was on this day, they used to say: the sun in the summer - winter in the cold. And: will snow - spring drozhzhok.
    Coley blizzard road peremetaet - late spring so cold, if warm - early and warm.
    On Candlemas morning snow - early harvest crops, if at noon - medium, and if the evening - later.
    On Candlemas drops - the harvest of wheat.

    On behalf of the celebration of the Presentation of our common people last winter frost and the first spring thaw called Sretenskaya.

    Fed on Candlemas breeding birds, chickens give oats to better swept, and the eggs were larger and tastier. From that day, it was possible to drive out the cattle out of the shed in the yard - for workout and prigreva also started to prepare seeds for planting, prune them to look for jobs, check for germination. Bleached fruit trees.

    Peasants usually that day put their stocks of grain, hay, straw and other fodder: they missed in the half, and if not, be amended in feeders, and do podzatyagivali belt. On this day in villages formerly held celebrations.

    On the day of the Presentation of our ancient ancestors worshiped the Sun: Sun priests perform the ritual of meeting and greeting lights, called heat. And when the sun is at its zenith, burned a doll made of straw - the so-called Erzovka. This doll personified the spirit of fire and the god of love. It is decorated with gifts and gifts - flowers, beautiful ribbons and balls, and people came to her with requests for the welfare and prosperity. It was believed that his burning Erzovka destroys cold, bring warm summer and a good harvest. And while the doll wore a pole, the lovers came to her for help in love and requests for happiness in the house.

    On Candlemas bake pancakes, round, golden - they symbolize the sun. This called for his return. In Kostroma peasant baked bagels and fed these bagels livestock to protect the animals from disease. On this day, lit bonfires, people had fun ritual dances.

    Purification can not be bored - God of Love does not accept the sadness, and the joyful meeting meets pleasure.