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    God Belobog. Slavic mythology. Slavic gods

    Near the Triglav were always Belobog Chernobog and who are in constant battle with each other: light dimmed in the impending darkness, and the darkness dispelled dawn; replace sadness hurry joy after cruelty and envy was time unselfish and good works. Bjelobog portrayed wise gray-bearded and white-haired old man, Chernobog - ugly skeletal "Koshcheev." However Bjelobog Chernobog and revered in equal measure.

    In Pomerania towering mountain called Bjelobog. In Poland, it is places like Byalobozhe Byalobozhnitsa and in the Czech Republic - Belozhitse in Ukrainian Galicia - Belbozhnitsa. Near Moscow, near Radonezh Bjelobog sanctuary there, and in Kostroma Orthodox Holy Trinity Monastery Belobozhsky retained in its name the name of the ancient god of light and heat. The memory of the Radiant God embodied in the title of the tract White gods, to the north of Moscow, not far from Sergiev Posad.

    Belobog or White god, Belun - the embodiment of light, god of good luck, happiness, good, personification of the day and the spring sky. Sanctuary was on the hill, open to the sun, and numerous gold and silver jewelry Bjelobog reflected ray game and even at night lit up the temple, where there was not a single shade, not a dark corner.

    The white Russia is not without good people "- from ancient times the people said, referring to the white and his own country, and the king and his faith. A white light has always been the embodiment of peace, earth and heaven, the whole vast universe.

    Living memory of the ancient Bjelobog and hitherto preserved in the traditions of Belune. Especially honored this god in Belarus. It believed that the person who is lost in the woods necessarily home-bearded old man, like a magician. In a happy moment Belarusians said: "Like Belunom friends with." Or "dark in the woods without Beluna."

    Small wonder that in ancient times, boys and girls, going on with the arrival of autumn gatherings, singing:Though the moon is shining in the sky - Oh, deep in the forest without Beluna!

    His revered as giver of wealth and fertility. During harvest Belun comes on the fields and helping the reapers in their work. Most often, it is shown in spiked rye sumoyu money on the nose, some lures poor and asks to wipe his nose, if he will fulfill the request, the money will fall from the bag, and Belun disappear.