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    Bird of Paradise Alkonost. Slavic mythical creatures

    Alkonost in Slavic mythology is a wonderful bird, a resident of Iria - Old Slavic paradise.

    Lick her female body as a bird, and a voice sweet as love itself. Alcon heard singing for joy can forget everything, but the evil of her people do not, in contrast to her friend's bird Sirin. Alkonost lays eggs "on the edge of the sea", but incubates them, and plunges into the depths of the sea. In this time of seven days is windless weather - until the chicks hatch.

    Slavic myth of Alcon is similar to the ancient Greek legend of Alcyone girl, transformed by the gods into a kingfisher.

    Alexei Remizov. Cherished desire

    Kak-verily time the young birder from evening perked postavuhi - networks for quail, and in the morning went to check them. Came to Konoplyanik, Where to go a lot of birds - and could not believe his eyes: in the snare beat her beautiful girl. Lick it was a woman and the body of the bird.
    Darkened in the eyes of the young men of her beauty.
    - What's your name - ask.
    - Alkonost, - she said.
    I wanted to kiss birder captive, but Maid-wings closed hands and began to weep and lament, saying that after the kiss her man, she will lose all the magic power and will never be able to fly up to heaven, but on earth it will perish.
    - Let go of me, - said ptitsedeva - and in return ask for what you want, will fulfill your every desire!
    Thought the young man: what you want? Wealth? - It will dry up. Love beautiful women? - They will change ...
    - I want to come to know during the life of heavenly bliss! - Exclaimed finally birder. At that moment, buzzing in his ears, in the eyes darkened, the earth went from under my feet and the wind whistled around. A moment later, he found himself in the clear and extraordinary country. It was a Iriy - heavenly kingdom on the other side of the clouds. In Irii lived winged souls. Singing Circle fragrance flowers, streamed live streams with water. Alkonost sang sweet songs, from which the land came the clear sunny weather. All around was great, and the young man realized that he had reached the limit of their desires.

    One day, he fell asleep under a tree, but was woken raven.
    - What are you doing in Irii, wingless? What are you looking among the dead, the living? You have not tasted the love and happiness that fate full measure by measure, why pospeshildobrovolno farewell to the pleasures of life? Immediately return to their homes!

    Recollected birder. The truth is, idleness began to bother him, the local flying beauties were not paying attention to him, and the apples of paradise has become boring. But you are not going to catch a bird of paradise in paradise, to prepare the soup itself!
    - I'd love to come back - he said sheepishly. - But how to find your way back?
    - So be it - grudgingly raven croaked - I'll take you to the world of men. As a reward for the fact that your great-great-grandfather - also a sight - let me one of the networks.
    - Great-grandfather? - Do not believe the young man. - But what about ... When will ... That can not be!
    - Maybe, maybe - nodded ominous bird. - Do not you know that we, the crows, we live three hundred years? Now close your eyes and grasp my tail.

    The young man closed his eyes tighter ... wind whistled around him ... and a moment later he felt under his feet firm ground. He opened his eyes - and he was in the same meadow, where quail pecking hemp.

    He returned home, lived to a ripe old age, and only at the end of life related to her grandson about Irii - of paradise, where his sweet songs lured ptitsedeva Alkonost.