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  • Agrippina Globe - June 23

    Agrippina Globe - June 23

    This celebration of the Slavic peoples associated with the start of the bathing season. All that has been associated with water bath and swimming, as reflected in the day.

    Across the north of Russia, and especially in the Vologda province, farmers harvested the day whisks for a year. To do this, the women and girls in the afternoon and went to harness the horses to the woods to break young birch branches. Sometimes brooms made of different kinds of deciduous trees and plants, then in every broom included on the branch from birch, alder, cherry, willow, linden, currant, cranberry, mountain ash and other plants.

    This ritual brooms: one of them used to this day in the bath, the other trick out recently calved cows, others thrown over the head and thrown to the roof of a bath with a view to know the future (if the broom falls to top graveyard, the die casting, if not top, it remains alive).

    On Agrafena necessarily washed and steamed in the baths, using for curing different diseases herbs. Soared from Bogoroditskaya broom grass and fern, Ivan da Marya and daisies, buttercups and of wormwood, mint fragrant.

    On the feast was made votive porridge, clubbing, for the poor. In Vologda day Saint Agrippina for poor brethren of the village set tables with meatless dishes. Beggars sometimes going up to 300 people, and they all ate at the expense of the countryside.

    Agrippina Globe - June 23

    As Ivan Travnik day Agrafena Globeflowers desperate men and women in the dead of night took off their shirts and until dawn dig roots or looking for treasure in the secret place. A witch doctors, going to bed, read improvised prayer as Ivan Kupala.

    Very original, also the custom observed in the vicinity of the town of Kirillov. On the day of Agrippina Globeflowers all girls, adults and adolescents, there were at their best clothes to go home and asked: "Wash your." Translated into plain language, this means - give something of girls' jewelry: earrings, ribbons, beads, and more.